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Ninja VPN - Free & Easy VPN


Use overseas services safely with this free VPN app!Ninja VPN is a free VPN app which allows you to safely use foreign web services which have access restrictions!Using Ninja VPN, you will also be able to access services in your own country which usually cannot be accessed while abroad on holiday or at school.Furthermore, with its encryption technology, Ninja VPN massively boosts your web browsing security.
It is very easy to use.To activate the VPN, simply select the country to connect to.You can also individually select which apps use the VPN connection.
Do not trust public WiFi your mobile network and provide private Internet traffic.protect your privacy, Android device, and geographic location from hackers via Ninja VPN server.
Download free and hi-speed Ninja VPN application, and enjoy various online services.
[Main features]
- You can use foreign sites which have access restrictions.- You access your own countrys contents while abroad or at school.- You can access websites safely due to the encrypted access.- You can easily change which country the VPN connects to.- You can set individual apps to use the VPN.- It prevents the leaking of personal information by malicious users.- Your IP address is changed, so you can browse web content anonymously.
[Planned updates]
- We plan to increase the number of countries you can connect to as a VPN, including America(US), the United Kingdom(UK), China, and more world cities.* currently the only VPN connection country is Japan. You will be able to access services which can be used in Japan.